Shouldham Woods

Shouldham Woods

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A wander in the woods never fails to call to those seeking an adventure.

There’s something about being surrounded by nature that fills you with an incredible feeling of bliss.

Off to Shouldham Woods

At Shouldham Woods in Norfolk, the woodland and wildlife of east England welcomes you to find that bliss.

Trails stretch off into the heart of the wood, between tree trunks lining the way like lampposts and a canopy above creating dappled shadows on the earth below.

You’ll discover two trails running through the woodland, both with their own unique twists and turns to explore.

But they also share some characteristics. The wood is mainly comprised of broadleaf trees, so head to Shouldham in the summer and green life flourishes everywhere around you.

In winter however, the wood takes on a very different life. Bare branches cut through the cold sky, lining pathways of fallen leaves and frost-covered bracken.

Exploring with the seasons

That’s the thing that’s so unique about nature, you could visit two months apart and you’re in for two completely different adventures.

Seasons change and with them so does everything else.

Floral smells are overtaken by the mustiness of autumn, greens are transformed into reds and browns – the sounds of wildlife are replaced by the whirling breeze cutting through the woodland.

You can be sure whenever the season and whatever the time you arrive at Shouldham Woods, the nature waiting for you is astonishingly beautiful.

Some soul food anyone?

Not far from the woodland is the market town of King’s Lynn. After your travels through the woods, how about heading into town for an afternoon of urban adventure?

Pop in the Lynn Museum for a trip into the past or stop off at Soul Café & Restaurant for a taste of the Caribbean.

Warm yourself up with the soup-of-the-day or fill your belly with a platter of Caribbean soul food.

Best go check it out for yourself, and that doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Shouldham Woods,
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