Shrawley Wood

Shrawley Wood

If you could see Shrawley Wood from above during summer, you’d be convinced you were watching a green cloud rolling away below you.

Mounds covering every shade from dark to light green roll one onto the next, covering the whole area in a soft wave of colour.

Park up and start your adventure

The diversity that runs through Shrawley Wood in Worcestershire makes for a truly unique experience back into nature.

But before your boots are tied and you’re headed out onto the trails, you have to deal with parking first. Luckily, The New Inn pub nearby offers parking for a small fee.

After your done on your adventure and headed back you can redeem the fee against purchases of food and drink. You can enjoy something lovely to eat or a nice pint and the landlord gets to see some fresh faces. Everyone’s a winner!

Walk beside ponds and under treetops

With plenty of paths to explore, walking takes priority. Head off down wonderous trails and discover pools of water sitting peacefully at the base of small hills.

Stroll through open greens where stand-alone oaks watch the world go by. Explore just a little further and soon you enter the embrace of the treetops.

This is where Shrawley Wood really takes on a life of its own. Walkways cut between banks covered in green life, trees and plants leaning over you create what feels like a tunnel running through the entire woodland.

You can’t help but breathe deeper, think clearer, and feel a sense of ease wash over you when you’re at Shrawley Wood.

Back to the pub

There’s so much more to discover on your adventure through the woodlands of Shrawley that every time you’re back, you’ll be discovering something new.

Whether that’s an animal you didn’t spot before, or a new trail wandering off in some other direction, you’ll only find out on your return.

Remember The New Inn pub we mentioned at the start? It welcomes you back with open arms for a well-deserved relax once you’re finished on your adventure. The perfect way to round off the day.

Wood House Lodge,

Paid parking