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Silent Disco Walking Tours

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“Why walk when you can dance?” That’s the ethos behind Silent Disco Walking Tours, and they stick to it.

With a bounce in their step and twirl never far behind, the team at Silent Disco Walking Tours bring a whole new energy to the streets of London.

A boogie and singsong

Who doesn’t love a good dance? You put on that one song which never fails to get your toes tapping, then before long you’re up clapping, grooving, and swaying those hips right until the fade-out.

Well, Silent Disco Walking Tours are here to show you those moves no longer need to be reserved for back home, and in fact, the streets of London provide the perfect conditions for tapping toes and swaying hips.

To be honest, of the three music tours you get to choose from, as soon as you put on those headphones and the moves begin, the singing soon follows.

But if you choose to go on the West End Musical Tour, who can really blame you?

Just the thought of Like a Bat Out of Hell or The Time Warp Again are enough to leave you humming away for the rest of the day, but when it’s playing in your ears – well, let’s just say you’ll be doing more than just humming.

Taking the West End by storm

As soon as the West End Musical Tour starts and you put on your headphones, the background hum of London falls away.

With your energetic guide leading the way and surrounded by people who share your passion for the West End, the atmosphere of dancing and singing away in company is liberating.

But the tours don’t stop there. Fan of all things disco and drag queens? Dance down the streets to the likes of Cher, Madonna, and Lady Gaga on the Drag Queen Disco Diva Tour.

Or do you happen to be a connoisseur of all things Christmas music? You’ll be in your element on the Christmas Party Tour.

Let loose and have a laugh!

Whether you’re coming along with friends and family or turning up for a move and groove by yourself, everyone is welcome.

The one thing they ask is you have a good time, get involved, and don’t be afraid to sing along – which are all impossible to resist anyway the moment those headphones are on.

If you’re looking for something a little scarier, you’ll find all you’re after on the Hammersmith Ghost Tour - where tales of haunted streets and mysterious murders come hand-in-hand with the best spooky tunes.

So, what will it be? Up for a dance and singalong, or a tale certain to send shivers down your spine?

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West End Musical Tour

Ages 6+ • 2 hours • Our most popular tour!

Available to 23 March 2025

Drag Queen Disco Diva Tour

Dance through Soho to the sound of the campest tunes on the cards

Available to 28 December 2024

Christmas Party Tour - Silent Disco Walking Tours

Tour around London’s unique Christmas lights & sights, whilst listening to our specially selected festive playlist of Christmas classics and facts.

Available to 22 December 2024
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Greater London W1T 1NR
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