Silton Forest

Silton Forest

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A forest adventure is spectacular no matter the time or date.

But when Saturday or Sunday rolls around and you know you’ve got the whole morning free – they somehow become even better.

Where the world falls quiet

Right on the western edge of the North York Moors National Park, the trails and pathways of Silton Forest invite you to take a step away from the modern world, and a step right back into nature.

Sometimes a solo trek calls, when all the company you have is your own thoughts and the sounds of wildlife fluttering above.

There’s something totally unique about walking in the peace of your own company.

Your focus shifts away from thoughts of stresses and worries and falls onto simple things: how your feet crunch the earth below, how every breath you draw fills up your entire body.

The more the merrier

But once you’ve taken a wander around Silton Forest, between its conifer-lined pathways and winding trails, it seems a shame to hide it away from the rest of the world.

Invite a loved one along for the journey and if you haven’t got a Sunday roast planned for your return, bring along some food and a flask full of tea for a welcome sit-down.

Chat about everything and nothing in between, until the urge to be back out again on the trails strikes.

Rewards every step of the way

Trails can rise quite sharply at Silton, so it’s best to take your time on your travels. But with the extra challenge comes the extraordinary.

The views stretching out over the moors sweep over hills and cascade over the land.

As soon as you head back home after a wander in Silton Forest, the countdown begins till your return – which if your anything like us, will be the first chance you get.

Moor Lane,
Nether Silton,
North Yorkshire,
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