Silverhill Wood

Silverhill Wood

Your adventure begins at Silverhill Wood the moment you step foot out of the car. Two trails immediately stretch away from the car park, one heading north and the other east.

But no matter which way your feet take you, soon the pathways split again and the trails wander off in every direction.

Getting lost on purpose

But the great thing about Silverhill Wood is trails often loop back. So even if you get lost for a moment, you’re bound to arrive back to a part of the wood you’ve been to before.

We fully recommend taking a map just in case, but if you can’t decide which trail to head off on, why not let your feet take the lead and see where you end up?

Stand above all of Nottinghamshire

Eventually, if you find yourself walking up a steady incline, you’ll soon arrive at the highest point of the wood. It’s also the highest point in Nottinghamshire so you can be sure the views of the surrounding area are guaranteed to be absolutely stunning.

Your attention is bound to be drawn to the crouching metal figure you find yourself coming face-to-face with when you reach the top. It’s a memorial statue of a miner, a signal of Silverhill’s past life as a colliery site.

Get your compass ready

You’re sure to have a fabulous time however you choose to explore the area, whether as part of a leisurely stroll or with the dirt of trails being thrown up behind you as you race through the area by mountain bike.

But if you’re after a different kind of adventure, how about taking on the orienteering course and testing your navigational skills?

Live football to end the day

If you happen to be exploring Silverhill Wood when the nearby Teversal FC has a home fixture on, ending your day watching some live football is a lovely way to rest after your walk.

The great thing about nature is it never gets old. We think anytime you feel the need to escape from the modern-day world for a while, you’ll be headed back to Silverhill Wood.

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