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Every race at Silverstone begins on the grid, and that’s no different when you start your trip around the interactive museum next to the famous track.

As the lights dim, the room becomes filled with the red light of a stopwatch counting down to zero. With every second ticking away, moments of motorsport history flash before your eyes. Until finally, you’re away!

Let the adventure begin

Across the 4000m2 hangar the museum has made its home in, you’ll get the chance to discover everything from the history of Silverstone to the fascinating technology behind some of the fastest vehicles on the planet.

Before the first wheels were close to seeing the track we know today, Silverstone was very different place.

After making your way off the grid, you’ll get the chance to step back in time. A medieval abbey once stood here, then as the centuries passed, it was at one time the grounds of an 18th-century country estate before becoming an airfield in the Second World War.

But first, it’s time to learn a little about the famous track and all its charismatic corners motorsport fans have come to adore.

You’ll be met by a large table as you leave the grid, detailing all the twists and turns of the track.

On the walls surrounding it, there are also plenty of information boards, leaving you fully clued up and ready to entertain everyone with a little Silverstone lesson when you’re back home.

The importance of the past

As you make your way further into the museum, you’ll pass through one era after the next. Connecting to Silverstone’s past gives you an insight into just how remarkable the place is.

Learning about the heroes who fought in the Second World War; the pioneers of motorsport who were at the beginning of it all; the constant drive people showed to push boundaries – they’re stories that inspire admiration.

The museum is packed with things to do as well as learn about. In the latter part of the museum, you’ll get to test how quickly you can change a wheel and get hands-on with racing equipment.

360 degree cinema show

As part of your visit you're also invited to a thrilling immersive film show that whizzes you around the ultimate lap of Silverstone. Watch as you journey through some of the circuit’s most famous racing moments.

A stroll on the old track

Be sure to save some time at the end of your trip to head outside to the Outdoor Heritage Track Trail.

You’ll get to actually walk on part of the old Silverstone track – the perfect place to snap a few pictures to remember your day.

All of that is just a fraction of what you’ll find when you arrive at the Silverstone Museum.

What else will you discover on your trip?

Visitors Centre Dadford Road,
NN12 8TL
  • Free Parking
  • Toilets
  • Café
  • Opening, closing and last entry times can vary, check in advance 

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