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Simulator Adventures Manchester

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You’ve probably seen a commercial airliner before - the sort of plane that can take hundreds of people and jet them off anywhere in the world - and imagined what it would be like to pilot it.

Unfortunately, they don’t let just anyone fly these monsters, so that dream will have to remain a fantasy… or will it?

At Simulator Adventures in Manchester, this dream becomes a reality after all.

You’ll be placed in a flight simulator with an authentic cockpit and given control of an Airbus A320 airplane. From there, you can put your piloting skills to the test.

Come fly with me

For your visit, you’ll be given full control over how you want to fly.

You can choose how long you want to spend in the cockpit, whether it’s 30 minutes or two hours, and even path your journey from start to finish. You can even decide the time of day and the weather!

No matter what you want to practice, whether it’s flying, landing, or even how to handle a disaster situation, you can custom tailor the experience exactly how you want it.

And don’t worry if you feel out of your depth: there’s a fully-trained pilot on hand who can accompany you during your flight, guiding you every cloud of the way.

Incredibly immersive

This simulator is so advanced, it can recreate almost any flight scenario, and the cockpit is even built on a moving platform that'll move as you turn to make it really feel like you’re in the sky.

You’ll be so immersed, you might even forget you’re actually still on the ground!

Having been designed by two brothers who were themselves in the RAF, this simulator was designed by people who know their stuff, and it shows. It’s so realistic, it’s even used for training actual airline pilots.

Bring 2 additional guests to share the experience at no extra cost

With space for two passengers to join you on board, it’s as close to commercial flying as you can get.

Simulator Adventures are truly committed to providing top-tier airline simulation.

Taking your seat in the cockpit on this amazing experience is truly unforgettable, so where will you jet off to on your virtual journey through the sky?

What are you waiting for, Captain? Book your flight simulator experience today - no baggage required.

The A320 Simulator - Simulator Adventures Manchester

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Available to 31 December 9999
Greater Manchester M50 2UW
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  • Free parking
  • Toilets
  • Minimum age - 13
  • Minimum height - 5ft (153cm)
  • Maximum weight - 120kg (19st)

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