Sneaton Forest

Sneaton Forest

You'll enjoy the complete silence at Sneaton Forest, away from the pressures of the modern world as you take in stunning nature and scenic views between the steep valleys.

Discover a beautiful waterfall

Take in the rich, earthy scents and bask in the sounds of running water at the magnificent Falling Foss waterfall, the slight brushes of cold water dropping against your skin as you walk across the bridge.

Start your trek along the peaceful walking trails, and the distant sounds of rustling leaves and wildlife will be the soundtrack to your day.

Take some time to reflect

By now, you'll probably want to take a well-deserved break at the Maybeck Picnic Place. As you settle at one of the picnic benches, you'll be able to hear the stream trickling with water, a perfect setting to connect with nature.

Indulge in some homemade sandwiches and tasty treats as you upload your photo to the iNaturalist app, a great way to record the glorious wildlife you have seen.

Share your experience and let other nature lovers know about your magnificent discovery as you relax under the shadows of an old tree, rustling its story through the sound of waving leaves.

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Unit 3,
The Old Forge,
North Yorkshire,
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