Somerford Common

Somerford Common

Escape to the peaceful surroundings of Somerford Common and let your beloved dog explore nature, digging its nose into all the magical spots they can find.

Dogs love this beautiful forest

Notice how excited they are as their tails start wagging the second they step into the forest and smell the earthy scent from the trees around you both.

They'll love bonding with you when you throw a branch for them to fetch. And you'll enjoy taking in the gorgeous surroundings, enjoying the music of gentle swishing from the leaves.

Walk freely in the open space as the dog chases the beautiful butterflies flying around them, their wings pushing through the air.

You'll no doubt spot plenty of wonderful opportunities to play with your pup, as they get all their energy out, jumping in leaf piles and bounding through the woods.

Breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy the peaceful stroll, taking in the beautiful scenery around you, slices of sunlight shining between the trees.

Easy, free parking

You can enjoy a carefree day at Somerford Common, from the moment you pull up at the free car park.

Listen to the sweet sounds of nature welcoming you in and enjoy a quiet moment before the adventure begins.

The woodland will be inviting you in to enjoy a wonderful walk with your four-legged friend.

With plenty of areas to explore and trails to get lost on, you'll soon be planning your next visit to Somerford Common and we can guarantee the dog will be jumping out of the car and springing straight into the woods every time.

Glebe Barn,
Somerford Court,

Free parking