Somerset Rural Life Museum

Somerset Rural Life Museum

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As one of the most rural counties in all of Britain, it is little surprise that Somerset is renowned for its close ties to agriculture.

At Glastonbury’s Somerset Rural Life Museum, the county’s impressive history of agriculture is on full display and visiting will no doubt leave you with a deeper respect for the factors of rural life and its impact on the local community.

The quieter side of Glastonbury

Housed in an area surrounding a 14th-century barn, stepping into the museum will make you feel as if you’re a farmer in the Middle Ages getting ready for a busy day of hard work. But don’t worry, there’s no hard work to be done! Just a lot of it to be appreciated.

As you’re walking around the main farmyard, gazing up at the nearby buildings is enough to make it seem like you have travelled back in time as the humble stone houses surround you. It fills you with a sense of intrigue and wonder for what life must’ve been like before the digital world we know today had even come close to taking form.

A simpler time, no doubt.

A Working Village

Somerset Rural Life Museum’s first gallery showcases what working life in a Somerset farm would’ve once looked like. Exhibits you can expect to see include a 1900 Singer Sewing Machine, an emigration poster for Australia and a painting of former Lord of the Manor, Thomas Southwood, by William Loder.

The second gallery is centered around the productional side of agricultural life. Here, you will be able to learn about the history of food production at the farm and the methods of which were used to make dairy produce and brew ciders. Here you can see uniform that would’ve been worn at the time as well as tools that were used around the farm, including a cider press that was first used in around 1792.

Other galleries include a gorgeous farmhouse kitchen, that you’d think was flawlessly plucked straight from a Victorian cottage.

Kids become rural rangers

You won’t have any trouble keeping your children entertained on your visit to the farm as they set out to go on a mini adventure of their own when they become a Rural Ranger!

Through this fun exploration game, your child will be given a special backpack with a number of activities that will help them explore all corners of the site. Pick up a backpack from reception and complete the activity trial for your kids to become rural rangers at the museum.

Farmyard Family Fun! 

In the shadow of Glastonbury Tor, this truly unique museum is waiting for you with everything from allotments, orchards, tractors and even a metal horse called Punch!

Make a visit to the Somerset Rural Life Museum today and spend the day exploring this wonderful site.

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Abbey Farm,
Chilkwell Street,
Somerset BA6 8DB
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