Spetchley Gardens

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Looking for things to do in Worcestershire?

We recommend a visit to the beautiful Spetchley Gardens. 

Grand manor houses situated in the countryside inevitably bring with them an aura of majesty and finesse. 

When you arrive at Spetchley, this is exactly what you’re met with. The magnificent honey-coloured walls of the house are surrounded by huge trees and lush grass lawns. Then, before long, those lawns make way for the tranquil waters of the estate’s lakes.

Into the gorgeous Spetchley Gardens

But draw your eyes away from the house for a moment, won’t you? Spetchley Park Gardens awaits any adventurer seeking the wilder, natural beauty of life. 

The house was built in the early 1800s and it was only when Ellen Willmott came along at the turn of the 20th-century that the incredible garden you see today started to take shape. 

Now, the gardens are an oasis of life. Over the 400 years the Berkeley family has called Spetchley their home, they’ve collected plant specimens from all over the world. 

Down every pathway and along every trail, from tall hedges to colourful peonies, every moment of your wander through the gardens is filled with the spectacular.  

Welcome to Worcestershire’s wilder side

Spetchley estate is located only a few miles outside of Worcester, yet you couldn’t feel any further away from city life on your arrival.  

When plants briefly give way and you have a chance to see further afield, you’re met by the misty outlines of the Malvern Hills rising up against the horizon. 

Their looming presence demands your attention when you first spot them. You can’t help but stand in awe under their grand embrace.  

But it won’t be long until the breeze rustles a flower near you, the colour of its petals drawing you back to the life surrounding you.  

Nature’s beauty comes in many forms, both big and small; at Spetchley Park Gardens, you’re given a glimpse into both these worlds. 

The perfect way to end your adventure

When your visit at Spetchley Gardens is drawing to an end, be sure to pay the Granary Coffee Shop a visit before making your way back home.  

The café is a new addition to the estate, bringing a delicious end to your wander around the garden. 

Be sure to check opening times before heading out, so you’ve got plenty of time for your visit.  

After the cold and darker months, getting back out into nature just as it begins to flower is a joyful way to embrace the turn of the seasons.  

But no matter when you arrive, Spetchley Gardens never fails to leave a lasting impression. 

WR5 1RS,
United Kingdom WR5 1RS
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  • Free Car Park
  • Toilets
  • Café
  • Please do not bring any picnics to the gardens
  • No dogs allowed, except for guide and assistance dogs

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