St Audries

St Audries

Explore the heart of St Audries

Step into the forest and you'll notice the tall trees on either side are guarding the entrance to a remarkable secret getaway.

Known locally as Deerpark, St Audries is waiting to be explored.

Feel a sense of calm wash over you as you hear the sound of the waves and enjoy marvellous scenes over the Bristol Channel with Exmoor in the distance.

Observe the sea from this beautiful spot, as it shines under the sunlight like a sheet of pure silver.

The history runs in the old tree roots

You'll feel the warm sun on your face as you walk around this woodland, home to gorgeous red and fallow deer. See the greenery surrounding the trees that have been thriving here since the late 18th Century.

Let the peacefulness surround you, only interrupted with the sound of beautiful birdsong and the rhythmic stepping of the deer.

Explore even more breathtaking scenery

There's a treat awaiting you at St Audries Bay. Take a stroll down here and you'll start to hear the refreshing noise of a gorgeous natural waterfall. Will you see a rainbow appear among the spray to round off a wonderful day in nature?

Treat your eyes to a wonderful panoramic view of the Somerset Jurassic Coast as you breathe in the sea air and feel the sand between your toes. You'll no doubt feel your troubles melting away and relish the escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Let the magical tranquillity of the forest reveal some glorious hidden gems - you'll love coming back to explore them time and time again.

St. Audries Park,
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