St Leonard's Forest

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Uncover mystical tales at St Leonard’s Forest

Taking its name from a French hermit who lived in the forest in the 6th-century, discovering the tale of St Leonard once fighting off and killing a dragon will be your motivation to complete the walking trails here.

The gorgeous landscapes, towering trees, and beautiful wildlife at St Leonard’s Forest near Horsham are also magnificent, and a real treat to explore. Maybe you’d like to bring the dog? They’ll love chasing their favourite ball and taking in the earthy scents along the open trails.

Before reliving the magic, we suggest you indulge in some fuel at The Dragon pub, a seven-minute drive in nearby Colgate. If the sun’s out, pull up a pew on one of the garden tables and relax on the handcrafted furniture.

We suggest ordering a glass of the fruity Rosebud White Zinfandel rosé, a delicate taste of what it’s like to be on holiday, as you debate on the dressed crab or red mullet fillet to give you an energy boost.

Spend a few moments to enjoy the sunshine before driving to the forest – you’ll feel calm and relaxed before you embark on a leisurely stroll.

Take on the scenic challenge

Maybe you’re keen to find a new horse riding trail? With a Toll Rides Off-road Trust (TROT) pass or membership, you’ll get to bask in the beauty of St Leonard’s Forest from a high.

The powerful sound of birdsong from the waving branches above will keep you entertained until you reach the end of the trail.

Prefer to cycle? Feel the fresh forest breeze against your skin as you rush past the other visitors and cyclists, living in your own little world.

You’ll be back for more adventures!

Whether you come back to St Leonard’s Forest for the steep history, beautiful scenery, or peaceful atmosphere, the experience you’ll get from every visit here is something to treasure.

Step away from the modern world, switch off your mobile phone, and feel a strong connection with stunning nature.

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West Sussex,
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