St Lythans Burial Chamber and Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

St Lythans Burial Chamber and Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

Step back in time as you discover tombs and chambers 

The only sound you'll hear will be that of your hiking boots walking along the fields as you approach Tinkinswood Burial Chamber.

Feel a sense of peace as you visit the megalithic tomb, also known as Castell Carreg, Llech-y-Filiast, and Maes-y-Filiast.

The birds will be singing around you as you admire the huge capstone and reflect on how it was created around 6,000 years ago during the Neolithic period. Experts reckon that it would have taken at least 200 individuals to hoist it into place.

Another astounding attraction nearby is the St Lythans Burial Chamber. Breathe in the fresh air and damp earth around the bare tomb as you step inside.

Built from three vertical stones and a capstone weighing up to 35 tons, this spot is perfectly placed for a peaceful moment.

Reach out and touch the cold chamber as you hear the birds singing and the cows mooing around you. You'll find this burial site in Maesyfelin (The Mill Field) to the south of St Lythans Road.

Step into a fairytale

If you've brought the car, it's worth stopping off at a beautiful fairytale castle too.

You won't be able to stop staring at the magical Castell Coch - a dazzling masterpiece of the High Victorian era. Hear the leaves rustling and small woodland creatures scampering around you as you walk (or cycle!) through the wood to the castle.

Wait 'til you see the inside! Learn all about how the rich and powerful used to live. Step into the big kitchen and see the magical Victorian dinner plates, animated with the food they used to eat here.

Or, if you're looking for something older, why not seek out the distinctive early 12th-century Coity Castle, near Bridgend? Feel the warm sun on your face as you wander the vast grounds - see if you can find the stone keep and curtain wall that were late 12th-century extensions.

The kids will love clambering over the old stones and you'll notice that although the castle is now a ruin, the remaining pieces from each era shed light on its lengthy life.

Once your day of exploring is over, you'll be heading home with treasured memories of time well spent.

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