St Paul's Cathedral

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London Sightseeing at St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is still one of the finest historical religious buildings in all of the city, and no London trip would be complete without seeing it. 

Standing watch above London, rising up in plinths and curving white stone, St Paul’s Cathedral has been watching over the capital for more than 300 years. 

Although it sits right in the heart of the city, where modern developments surround it, as soon as you lay your eyes on the cathedral’s dome top and grand front towers – everything else falls away and you’re absorbed entirely by its beauty. 

Getting up close to St Paul's Cathedral

Then before you know it, you’re standing right in front of the building, gazing up at its arching windows and intricate network of stone carvings covering its walls.  

You could spend hours wandering around the outside of St Paul’s and every minute discover some little detail you’ve never spotted before.  

But at some point, the intrigue of what lies within beckons, drawing you in to explore further.  

Opening its doors at 8.30am to sightseers every day apart from Sunday, we think you’re going to want to spare a whole afternoon for your trip to St Paul’s so you can take your time exploring.  

Step inside St Paul's Cathedral

Stepping foot in the cathedral, the sheer size of it is astonishing.  

Chandeliers hang down on impossibly long wires from the ceiling above, doors standing nine metres tall seem lost in walls that dwarf them, arches loom up taller than mighty oaks. 

It’s completely breathtaking. You stand entirely mesmerised in every direction you look. 

Down to the crypt 

Wander below the cathedral floor and you’ll come across the crypt, where Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Sir Christopher Wren’s tombs lie. 

There’s nothing scary about the place, it’s as immaculate as the rest of the cathedral – yet still, it’s impossible not to feel a wave of awe wash over you as you pass by these people who’ve played such a crucial role in England’s history. 

Need a helping hand?  

You could easily spend a whole afternoon ambling through St Paul’s and leave feeling satisfied with your trip.  

But if you want to learn even more about the building and its history, why not join a guide for a little while?  

Whether it’s an introductory talk or you’re keen on seeing the spiralling Geometric Staircase, if you want to get an even deeper understanding of St Paul’s, the guides are there to help. 

So, got an afternoon spare while you’re in the capital? Now you know how to spend it.   

St. Paul's Churchyard,
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  • Toilets
  • Café 
  • Audio guide: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Wheelchair accessible: The south churchyard entrance offers step-free access and leads to a modern lift serving the crypts and the Cathedral floor

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