Stapleford Woods

Stapleford Woods

The idyllic escape

Step into Stapleford Woods and the feeling of calm and tranquillity instantly fills your body, with the glorious sounds of nature welcoming you into their home.

Located only an 11 minute drive away from Newark-on-Trent in Lincolnshire, this hidden gem will soon hold a special place in your heart.

A gorgeous wildlife retreat

As you begin to stroll through, you'll notice the wildlife coming to greet you, intrigued by your presence.

Feel the leaves crunch under your feet, and you’ll be glad you’ve chosen today to unwind with nature.

Pause for a few moments and take in the earthy scents of the forest, the nearby wildflowers instantly hitting the spot, and marvelling at the picture-perfect outlook.

An all-year-round adventure

Beauty can be found here all year round. Visit in the winter and enjoy the White Walking Trail that guides you along. If it snows, you can admire the gorgeous icicles that hang from the branches.

On a hot summer’s day, the magnificent trees shelter you from the beaming sun, making the trail a comfortable experience to complete.

Dogs are more than welcome

Your four-legged friend will also love uncovering the treasures at Stapleford Woods.

Watch their tails wag as they bound down the paths and make friends with the wonderful wildlife, discovering new surroundings and scents.

Feel your tummy starting to rumble?

Look out for the picnic area as we’re sure you’ll agree it’s time for a bite to eat.

Take a seat and tuck into the delicious lunch you prepared earlier in the day. The conversation of the beautiful sights you’ve seen so far will flow so easily, soon switching to making plans for your next trip.

With so much to discover at Stapleford Woods, you’ll fall in love with the chance to connect to mother nature and soak up the charm it offers.

Pop on your comfy shoes, pack a tasty picnic, and see what you'll discover.

Stapleford House Farm,

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