Stockhill Wood

Stockhill Wood

Connect with nature at Stockhill Wood

Be guided through spectacular woodland by the magnificent conifers and discover an oasis of calm.

You’ll find Stockhill Wood in the heart of the Mendip Hills Area of Natural Beauty, in Somerset. An area rich with lead mining history dating back 2000 years, the ground is full of character.

Soak up the beauty

The perfect place to reflect on your week, you can’t help but smile as every corner you turn, more beauty lies before you, making you eager to delve deeper into the woods.

Pause and take a deep breath. The sounds of wildlife are the only things that break the silence as you take in the lovely aroma of the wildflowers blooming nearby.

A wildlife lover's paradise

Pack up your binoculars so you can see every detail of the beautiful creatures you discover at Stockhill. The forest is home to an abundance of wildlife, and nightjars and long-eared owls are a delight to see.

Snowdrops lace the ground in the early part of the year and a walk through the woods around Christmas is an idyllic escape to a winter wonderland.

White paths lead you along as you admire the pretty icicles hanging off the branches. Bring along a flask of hot coffee to warm you up and keep an eye out for the picnic benches to stop off at.

Tuck into a well-deserved picnic

Whenever you visit, tucking into your sandwiches offers a chance to discuss the beauty of what you’ve seen so far as well as planning your next route. The forest isn't waymarked, so pick your own paths and see what gems you’ll find.

You’ll love discovering everything the forest has to offer. Grab those comfy shoes and make a scrumptious picnic before heading off on what we know won't be your last trip to Stockhill Wood.

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