Stoke Woods

Stoke Woods

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The changing seasons at Stoke Woods

Seasons come and go at Stoke Woods, filled with wildflowers and the quiet crescendo of wind in the treetops one moment – before winter arrives with its low sun and stretching shadows.

Each one brings its own unique beauty to the woodland, whether the shorts are on and sunscreen out, or thick socks and flask of tea are at the ready, you’re up for one enchanting adventure.

It’s hard to believe Exeter City Centre is only two miles away. It’d feel more appropriate to say you’re not in the UK at all but have secretly been transported to a fairy tale forest.

Ancient trees stand alongside twisting pathways and emit a sense of brilliant calmness, sweeping throughout the entire area.

Bringing back the past

The work to re-establish native broadleaf trees is currently going ahead at Stoke Woods and is transforming the woodland back to its origins.  

The branchless trunks and spanning canopies of these beautiful trees creates a truly awesome atmosphere.

Avenues paved in last autumn’s leaves stretch into the heart of the wood. Treetops softly sway against the sky, their shadows dancing on the earth below.

Wildlife spotting

Fluttering within and darting below these remarkable trees is the other wildlife who call Stoke Woods home.

As an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), keep your eyes peeled for some of the extraordinary mammals and birdlife roaming the wood.

Hitting the town

Why not spend the morning strolling through nature before making your way into Exeter?

You could warm up with a hot beverage and homemade lunch from Sacred Grounds, or stop by Rendezvous Wine Bar for a drink in the sunshine.

In our books, there aren’t many better ways to spend a day than walking in nature with friends and loved ones.

And to end it by sharing some conversation over a table filled with delicious food and drinks is just an incredible way to round it all off.

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