Sutton Manor

Sutton Manor

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If you were roaming around Sutton Manor just a few decades ago, you’d be surrounded by a completely different landscape.

Where trees, pathways, and grasslands now fill every direction, the area’s past life as a colliery would’ve seen busy men rushing to and fro; a constant backdrop of humming engines.

A different woodland adventure

But today, it’s a very different world. Two million trees were planted in 2001 and the woodlands’ youth is unmistakable.

Instead of wise, ancient oaks watching above as you stroll along, you’re accompanied by energetic broadleaves growing into their trunks and evergreen pines testing out their flare of needles.

Welcome to The Dream

Covering 230 acres of land, there’re certainly plenty of trails and pathways to get exploring at Sutton Manor.

If you find yourself heading upwards, sooner or later you’ll begin to spot something curiously peeking over the treetops.

From the green wildlife that surrounds it, the plaster white face of The Dream sculpture stands guard with closed eyes over the entire woodland.

The Dream captures the essence of hope for the future world; it’s impossible not to feel inspired by it.

Waiting for your return

Nature offers us a moment to ourselves.

Escaping to Sutton Manor for a few hours reminds us all when the world is moving 100mph around us, you’ll find peace and stillness in the natural world.

Wander without a destination in mind, take time to simply look out over the landscape and admire what you see, inhale the deepest breath you’ve taken in a long, long time.

When the urge to watch treetops sway and listen to the quiet sounds of the wood arrives, you’ll know where to head.

Jubits Lane,
St Helens,
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