Swarland Wood

Swarland Wood

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There comes a time when the pull of nature becomes too hard to resist.

The idea of being surrounded by a canopy of swaying leaves, of passing tree trunks that have watched the seasons come and go for decades, brings with it a sense of ease.

When you take your first crunching step along a trail in Swarland Wood in Northumberland, over last autumn’s leaves now turned to crisps, that idea soon becomes a reality.

Lead your own way

There are no waymarked trails in the woodland - it’s up to you where you go and how long your adventure lasts.

A short walk in the morning or later in the evening can sometimes be the best medicine for a busy mind.

The scent of pine and the occasional passing by of a flower in bloom steals all your attention - your worries and stresses put on hold.

Bring along friends

Why not explore Swarland Wood with some company?

Taking an adventure solo can be just what’s needed sometimes, but if you’re up for it why not invite a friend or loved one for a stroll?

Wander the trails while chatting about everything and nothing, laughing the whole way.

Any opportunity to share a day out in nature with someone special is truly a moment to be cherished.

Out of the woods and hitting the town

Once your adventure at Swarland Wood begins to come to a close, head to Nelson’s At The Park to end your day with a coffee in hand and a sweet treat to nibble on.

If one thing could top a walk in nature with a loved one, catching up over coffee and cake comes close.

So, phone that friend and pack that bag, it’s time to get exploring.

Swarland Wood,
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