Taf Fechan Forest (Owl's Grove)

Taf Fechan Forest (Owl's Grove)

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A day in the mountains. Now that doesn’t sound too bad now does it.

Just saying it plants the seed of domed peaks and meandering trails, over open lands stretching away into the sunset and under woodlands where the air clears your mind.

South Wales at its finest

At some point, the temptation gets too much. An adventure calls.

And there aren’t many better ways to answer than a trip to Taf Fechan Forest.

On the southern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, the area is covered in conifer trees looming high, waterways crisscrossing through the earth below, and that simple peaceful air that always seems to accompany the wild world.

First, let’s get there

Head north for around nine miles from Merthyr Tydfil, catching glimpses of the Pontsticill reservoir now and then when the treeline breaks for a moment.  

There are a few car parks you can choose from when you arrive.

If you’re coming up from Merthyr Tydfil you’ll come across Owl’s Grove first, then if you continue on you can pick from either the upper or lower Blaen y Glyn car parks.

Time to start exploring

From Owl’s Grove, the Taf Fechan Trail winds its way through just over a mile of the forest, taking around 45-minutes or so to complete.

The pathways leads you for moments alongside the river cutting through the landscape, before plunging you into the quiet woodland where only the sound of squirrels rummaging in the treetops and your own crunching steps can be heard. 

If you find it impossible to pass up the opportunity to gaze at a waterfall (who doesn’t?), you best spare some extra time.

The spell of waterfalls

You can discover the Blaen y Glyn waterfall from either of the two car parks of the same name. Watching the water cascade down as white as snow is an incredible way to round off an already terrific adventure at Taf Fechan.

Double knot those laces and pack a bag, a day in the mountains awaits.

Taf Fechan Forest,
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