Talley Abbey

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A unique religious community

Walk over the beautiful rolling hills to the peaceful Talley Abbey in Carmarthenshire.

Leaves will be scattered over the path before you as you catch sight of this impressive building.

Look towards the most striking piece of the monument - the church tower - which stands almost to its full height!

This is the perfect place to have an adventure with the kids as they explore the ruins. Surprisingly, this majestic church was never fully completed because of a shortage of funds.

It didn't help matters that Talley Abbey became involved in a long and expensive lawsuit with the abbey of Whitland. It was eventually given up to the Crown in 1381 before being dissolved by Henry VIII.

Hear the rustling of the trees around you as you visualise how this great place would have looked if it had been finished - the ruins alone show you how large and impressive it was meant to be! Follow the outline of the bases as you take in the scale and vision of its wonderful, unusual design.

Breathe in the fresh air as you stand under the beautiful high arches. Did you know this abbey was the first and only monastery in Wales for the Premonstratensians?

Founded in 1184, the abbey was designed for these monks who were also known as the ‘White Canons’ because of the colour of their habits.

Take in Welsh history with a stunning view

Want to know more about the area? The building was founded by Rhys ap Gruffydd (‘The Lord Rhys’, native ruler of the south Wales kingdom of Deheubarth).

You'll love reading the information boards as they'll help you to understand exactly what events occurred on the ground you now stand upon.

There are gorgeous views all around as Talley Abbey is close to a pretty village. After exploring the abbey, take your dog for a walk at Talley’s twin lakes which were used for fish farming to help the monks who lived here.

Nothing better than a meal with a stunning view

A nice picnic will refuel you and get you ready to explore more at this magical spot.

Tuck into your delicious homemade sandwiches and a nice hot flask of tea before you set off in search of more adventure.

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