Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour from Windermere

Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour from Windermere

So, you’re up for a day of adventure in the Lake District? The mountains, lakes and wildlife have drawn you in and now nothing but seeing it for yourself will do, right?

The journey begins

The Ten Lakes Spectacular Tour from Windermere is the perfect cure to those needs, taking you through some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the UK.

Taking place over the course of eight hours, you’ll get the chance to discover plenty of what the Lake District has to offer.

From the ten lakes that gave the tour its name, to ancient stone circles and plenty of rolling hills – as you cruise by in a 16-seat minibus you’ll get opportunities to stop at certain sites.

One of those happens to be the Castlerigg Stone Circle, dating back four millennia.

Never-ending beauty

When you see the stones and learn the importance of the site to its ancient people, you soon come to understand that the human race has always sought the wonders of nature.

Surrounding you in every direction, hills rise up to touch the sky in a landscape that fills you with awe.

The whole trip has a running commentary, filling you in with plenty of the area’s stories and facts along the way.

The beauty of the Lake District is waiting. Ready to go out there and discover it?


Minimum age: 5 years