Break The Barrier

Break The Barrier

Thames Rockets

Available to 29 December 2024

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Break the Barrier has secured its place undeniably on the river as the ultimate ‘all speed’ Thames river cruise.

Take to the water 21st century style as you board your own cutting edge high speed Rocket in the shadow of the iconic Tower Bridge. Thames Rockets have always been about innovative, up-to-date and leading experiences. Break the Barrier is undoubtedly no exception.

Travel through time with tunes ranging from the modern day back to the 1960’s. There’s something for everyone as you strap yourselves in for a ‘rocket ride’ down memory lane. Settle in and hold on tight for 45 minutes of nothing but twists and turns, of rocks and rolls through the docklands, past maritime Greenwich, round the legendary O2 arena and beyond to the mighty Thames Barrier and back.

This Thames river cruise is certainly all about the ride. All with a medley of the last 6 decades of hits blended with that little bit of rocket magic that has made Thames Rockets #1 on TripAdvisor for 10 years running. 

Fast, it’s furious, it’s a world first.

Break the Barrier.

It’s ready. Are you?

21 New Globe Walk,

Due to accessibility at Bankside Pier this experience is not suitable for wheelchair users.

  • How fast do Thames Rockets go

The RIB speeds up to 30Knots, equivalent to 35mph!

  • How long does the Thames Rocket last

Break the Barrier lasts 45minutes

  • Do you get wet on the experience 

Thames Rockets do not operate a ‘get wet’ water experience, however, in windy conditions it is possible for spray to blow across the decks and if it rains the boat is open to the elements. Thames Rockets provide waterproofs and (weather permitting!) all our passengers leave us as dry as they arrived.

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