The Coronet Theatre

A night at the theatre has never been as cherished as it is now. After all those months of doors closed and curtains drawn, many of us have been starved of live performances.

Well now, those doors are reopened and The Coronet Theatre in London’s Notting Hill welcomes you back for many a night to remember.

An eclectic mix

From the very beginning of its life, The Coronet Theatre has been striving to bring the best of international and UK works to audiences.

Whether it be theatre, dance, poetry or visual art – the theatre has an ever-changing programme of performances that cross disciplines.

If you just take a quick look at their archive, where one night London’s Festival of Korean Music is on stage and the next Ben Okri and Charlotte Davis are involved in a dance-drama filled with poetry – you might just begin to understand the theatre’s eclectic taste.

Located on Notting Hill Gate, the building rises up above the street in grand white walls and elaborate, detailed borders.

When you enter, with the excitement of other theatregoers buzzing beside you, you’re met by sensational interior design wherever you look.

It’s worth arriving a fair bit early to any performance just so you can marvel at your surroundings.

The bar… is now open

Actually, you might want to arrive an hour or so before your performance begins. That way, you can head to The Coronet Bar for something to drink before taking your seat.

There aren’t many bars as special as this one. As soon as you arrive, met by the incredible decor lining the walls, the candlelit bar invites you up.

Take a seat with your drink, have a chat and relax for a few moments before you make your way to the auditorium.

An evening at the theatre gives you the chance to treat yourself – we know you deserve it.

The Coronet Theatre,
The Coronet Theatre,
103 Notting Hill Gate,
Greater London W11 3LB
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