The Coventry Music Museum

The Coventry Music Museum

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There are certain cities around the UK that have become synonymous with the musical artists they’ve produced.  

You have Liverpool and The Beatles, then London comes along with the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and George Michael (to name just a few).  

Coventry’s iconic music identity

The Coventry Music Museum is here to give the West Midlands the pedestal it deserves, to stand among such greats. 

Without Coventry, we never would’ve had the 2-Tone movement that brought ska and bands like The Specials and The Selecter with it. 

From pre-pop to the noughties, the museum offers any music fan a look into how influential the city has been in the UK music industry.  

Nearly half of what you’ll discover is related directly to the 2-Tone movement - what the city is most famous for. But Coventry’s musical past can’t be compressed into just one genre.  

What to see

When you spot the poster of John Lennon and Yoko Ono adorning the wall above a white, iron, circular bench – it becomes obvious the city offers even more intriguing stories.  

The couple visited Coventry Cathedral in the 1960s to hand in a piece of art at a sculpture exhibition. They also brought along acorns to plant to symbolise peace and harmony.  

If you grew up in the years before Spotify and streaming, when you spot the museum’s sound booth, it’s sure to be a blast from the past.  

Up for a live show?

The museum is a celebration of Coventry’s music identity, all the way from its early history up to the modern-day.  

There’s a part solely dedicated to new voices emerging from the area, where you’ll be able to discover the band/artist of the month. 

They often play at Knights Bar nearby, so be sure to keep an eye out for who’s on the upcoming line-up. 

Located in the 2-Tone Village just outside the city centre, the museum is surrounded by amazing things to do and places to visit when your adventure around the museum comes to an end. 

Perhaps topping them all would be a sit-down at 2-Tone Café and Simmer Down Restaurant. 

Whether it’s a classic English breakfast you’re after or one of their Caribbean specialities, you’ll soon be leaving with a belly full of good food. 

The best way to finish up a day of adventure! 

80 Walsgrave Road,
West Midlands,
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  • Toilets
  • Café
  • Paid parking
  • Wheelchair access is available but since most of the museum is situated on the first-floor, it's advisable that wheelchair users give 24-hours notice of an intended visit