The Edinburgh Whisky Trail - Best Price Tickets

The Edinburgh Whisky Trail - Best Price Tickets

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Visit five unique Edinburgh bars and venues

The Edinburgh Whisky Trail is a must-visit for any whisky enthusiast or connoisseur. This trail takes you on a journey through the fascinating history and culture of whisky in Scotland's capital city.

The trail features some of the most renowned whiskey bars, distilleries, and shops in Edinburgh. You can choose to visit some of the city's oldest and most iconic whisky bars, such as The Bow Bar or The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, or take a tour of one of the many distilleries located in and around Edinburgh.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also take part in a whiskey tasting experience, where you can sample some of Scotland's finest and rarest whiskies. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the whisky-making process and the history of this beloved Scottish tradition.

The trail is self-guided, so you can explore at your own pace and customize your experience to suit your interests. You can also choose to purchase a tasting passport, which will give you discounts at participating bars and distilleries.

The Edinburgh Whisky Trail is an unforgettable experience that will immerse you in the rich culture and heritage of Scotland's national drink. Whether you're a seasoned whisky-drinker or just curious about this iconic beverage, the trail is a must-do when visiting Edinburgh.

Private Edinburgh Whisky Walking Tour - Best Price Tickets

The Edinburgh Whisky Walking tour offers convenient and engaging ways to discover the history and iconic beverages in the city of Edinburgh

Available to 25 April 2024
1-2 Multrees Walk,
Edinburgh City

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