The Hairy Coo - 1-Day Stirling Castle, Whisky and Scenic Scotland

The Hairy Coo

Available to 26 March 2025

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What else is on at The Hairy Coo?

Step back in time as you follow in the footsteps of the most iconic heroes of Scotland’s past, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce

On this amazing tour, you will get to explore the scenic historic heartlands of Scotland.

Your guide will tell you stories of Scottish greats such as Wallace and The Bruce, as you visit Stirling Castles ancient stronghold.

You'll then head to the iconic Glenturret Distillery where you'll learn about and enjoy a traditional dram of whiskey. you might even be feeling some haggis before you continue on to enjoy the stunning Perthshire landscape, and a long the way you'll be trying to meet some of the most famous residents! 

You'll be able to enjoy a bit of everything on this tour, you'll get to see mountains, highland scenery lochs, waterfalls, legend, history and local produce.

This is the type of tour for those who want to sample some of Scotland's best at a relaxed pace with so much time to explore!


10 hours

What is included in the price

The tour price includes the services of a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced driver-guide and transportation on one of our luxury, modern, air-conditioned coaches.


Suites 6 & 7 St John’s Studios 46A Constitution Street,
Edinburgh EH6 6RS
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Pickup Point

Outside Deacons' House Café, 304 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2PS



The Hairy Coo's coaches are not wheelchair accessible, however, we have luggage compartments which may easily take a folding wheelchair or walking frame.

Entry and exit from each bus is via the front left passenger door. There are three steps up into the bus each approximately 30cm in height. There are grab handles on both sides to assist guests and the step edges are clearly marked in yellow. The seats are on one level and all have full three-point seatbelts which must be worn when the vehicle is moving.

Are all tours presented in English only?

All of Hairy Coo's tours are delivered by English-speaking driver-guides. All stories are delivered verbally through a microphone which is heard via speakers throughout the vehicle.

Hairy Coo do not supply any printed information to their guests while travelling due to the fact each of their driver-guides presents their tours in their own personalised manner.

Before your tour

• It is recommended you bring warm and/or waterproof clothing, no matter what the forecast appears to be…Scotland’s weather is very unpredictable!

• Don’t forget your camera to capture all the lovely scenery and wildlife you’ll encounter on your tour, which you can later share with us online

• We must remind you that while picturesque and quaint, many of the suppliers in smaller towns across the Highlands do still prefer cash payments

• You are more than welcome to bring along a carry-on bag on the tour which can be packed with essentials for the day, but we would advise keeping this bag as light and small as possible to maximise your comfort onboard

• Food is readily available at the majority of stops on tour, but you are absolutely more than welcome to bring snacks and a cold packed lunch on board. Hot drinks and soups are permitted but only if they have a secure lid.

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