The Jack the Ripper Tour - Ripper Vision - Best Price Tickets

The Jack the Ripper Tour - Ripper Vision - Best Price Tickets

The Jack the Ripper Tour With Ripper Vision - Best Price Tickets

Available to 30 December 2024

This unique London tour takes you on the very route of Jack the Ripper using state-of-the-art projections to bring the tale to life

This Jack the Ripper Tour uses Ripper Vision, the latest hand-held projectors with the latest graphic pictures, to bring to life the horrors of one of history's most infamous killers.

Step back in time and explore the dark and twisted history of Jack the Ripper with Ripper Vision's Jack the Ripper tour in London. Led by knowledgeable and passionate "Ripperologists", this tour takes you through the narrow alleyways and cobbled streets of the Whitechapel district, where Jack the Ripper, one of the world's most notorious serial killers, committed his gruesome crimes in the late 1800s.

Dare you step back in time and relive the terrible tale of Jack the Ripper? 

What to expect on this tour:

  • Visit the actual murder sites and examine all of Jack the Ripper's victims
  • Learn Jack the Ripper suspects, old and new
  • See the latest photos that bring Whitechapel 1888 back to life
  • Be amazed at Ripper-Vision, our latest hand held projectors
  • Be shocked and terrified at the crimes of Jack the Ripper

As you walk the very route that Jack the Ripper would have taken, Ripper-Vision will transport you back to a time of gaslight and fog, a time of poverty, disease and silent footsteps in the shadows as the Ripper hunted his victims. Ripper-Vision uses a high quality projector to bring top class images to leave you with an everlasting immersive experience taking you fully into the beating heart of Victorian London.

77 White Chapel High Street,
London E1 7QX
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How to find us

The Jack the Ripper tour starts outside the front doors of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, which is located just outside exit 3 of Aldgate East Station.

People also ask:

Who was Jack the Ripper?

  • Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who prowled the streets of Whitechapel in 1888. He was never identified and never caught but is thought to have gotten away with killing at least five women in a particularly gruesome manner.

What time does the Jack the Ripper tour start?

  • Tours run at 7.30 pm every day of the week and twice on weekends – 5.00 pm and 7.30 pm. Please arrive at the designated meeting point 10 minutes early to avoid missing the beginning of your tour.

How long is the Jack the Ripper tour?

  • The tour lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes

Where does the Jack the Ripper tour start?

  • The Jack the Ripper tour starts outside the front doors of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, which is located just outside exit 3 of Aldgate East Station.

Where does the Jack the Ripper tour go?

  • You will follow a Jack the Ripper walking tour map, which leads you back in time to each of the murder scenes. You'll see the pubs where the victims and Jack the Ripper himself may have enjoyed a drink and walk the streets the killer would have walked down – some still boasting the original cobblestones where these heinous crimes took place. You will also visit the street where Jack the Ripper left a vital piece of evidence, and finally, you will round off the tour with a discussion about who the elusive killer could have been around the back of Spitalfields market and the Ten Bells pub.

Is the tour scary? 

  • While the content of the Jack the Ripper story isn’t for the faint-hearted, the walking tours won’t include jumpscares or fake atmospheric elements. Instead, the city provides all the chilling atmosphere you will need. This makes the tours particularly popular on cold, dark, and occasionally foggy autumn/winter evenings in London, much like the nights on which the fateful murders took place.

Are there any toilet stops on the tour?

  • During the walking tour, you will not be passing any public toilets. 

Is the tour wheelchair-friendly?

  • The tour itself is mostly wheelchair-friendly, and the route has been planned out to ensure that there are ramps at most of the points where roads are crossed.
  • Aldgate East Underground Station, where the tour begins, does not have lifts or wheelchair access, but there is a bus stop across the road and the busses do have wheelchair access.
  • It should be pointed out that the first thoroughfare on the tour, Gunthorpe Street, is a cobblestoned street and so it can be a little bumpy for wheelchair users. But it is passable.

Is the tour suitable for hearing-impaired people?

  • Although the tour doesn't provide resources to maintain permanent interpreters, Ripper Vision are happy for you to bring your own with you, and their guides will work with them to ensure you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • There is, however, a set of visual display cards, with the tour stops and descriptions printed onto them along with the photographs.

Is the tour suitable for visually-impaired people?

  • By its very nature the Jack the Ripper Tour explores the older and darker alleyways of the East End, which might prove difficult for those with conditions such as RP. As far as the walk description goes, the tour is very much a story telling experience, so the narrative will conjure up strong mental images of what the area was like at the time of the murders and will describe in detail the events of the Jack the Ripper case. So in many ways it is an ideal activity for the visually impaired.

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