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The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse

Located at the east end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official residence of the Monarchy in Scotland. 

A grand entrance

When you arrive, the first thing that’ll catch your eye - other than the beauty of the gallery’s exterior itself - is the regal entrance. Above you “The Queen’s Gallery” is written in capitalised gold letters.

The hinges of the entrance are decorated with the mighty lion, mystical unicorn and golden boughs of flowering native trees, evoking a heraldic theme to the start of your visit.

Regal art throughout the ages

Once you enter the gallery, prepare for a splendid tour of royal and artistic history. Opened in 2002 to celebrate The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the gallery continues to grow and change from each event or exhibition to the next.

From the painted jewels of royal portraiture to the dazzling bejewelled works of Fabergé, you can expect to be surrounded by stunning creations of all kinds.

Showcasing the rich history tied to Scotland as well as a range of works linked to other cultures and countries, you’ll be able to journey through both time and space from the confines of this grand building.

With the palace of Holyroodhouse a short distance away on the same end of the Royal Mile, a visit to the gallery is an amazing addition to your royal day out.

The Queen's Gallery,
Palace of Holyroodhouse,
Palace of Holyroodhouse entrance with self-guided tour,
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