The Spirit of Llynfi Woodland

The Spirit of Llynfi Woodland

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It’s not often you come across a place with a name as romantic and magical as The Spirit of Llynfi Woodland.

Before the adventure even begins under its treetops, just the ringing sound of the name in your mind conjures up ideas of pathways bordered by arching branches and flowers guiding the way along the woodland floor.

The Keeper on guard

And the incredible thing with nature? It continually exceeds every expectation you had.

Sweeping over the eastern slopes of the Llynfi Valley in south Wales, in terms of nature – the woodland is relatively new.

Along your journey through the area, you’re bound to stumble across the Keeper of the Colliery.

Chiselled out of oak, the sculpture of a miner resting his hands on a shovel hints at the woodland’s past life as an industrial site.

He stands watch over the woodland like a peaceful giant, covered in a shawl of snow in the colder months and basking in the sunshine during the summer.

Treasure hunting

Exploring The Spirit of Llynfi Woodland can be a purposeful way of leaving all technology behind and finding comfort in a morning where pinging phones are non-existent.

But if you’re looking for a little adventure hunt on your walk, you’ll find geocaches hidden away throughout the woodland.

Route them out of their hidden locations and discover the treasures dotted throughout the whole area.

To ignore a treasure hunt is almost impossible. How about getting the kids involved and heading out on a family adventure? Get a little friendly competition going to see who can discover the most!

Nature is waiting

There’s something very comforting knowing whenever the urge to get outdoors and be surrounded by nature arises, there’s places like The Spirit of Llynfi Woodland open to you.

Time for a morning stroll or afternoon run, don’t you reckon?

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