The Painted Hall

The Painted Hall

The Venue

Available to 31 March 2022

Welcome to the Baroque masterpiece often referred to as Britain's 'Sistine Chapel'

Britain's 'Sistine Chapel'

Living up to the name, The Painted Hall is a grand location that will have you mesmerised by its spectacular Baroque interior overflowing in beauty. It is said to be one of the best in Europe.

When you head inside and away from the lush, entrancing views provided by not only the buildings external architecture but also the surrounding landscape, there's something of grandeur to be seen in all directions.

Knightly designs

Look up and around to take in the incredible ceiling and wall decorations and their intricate details. Conceived and executed by the British artist Sir James Thornhill, you'll be looking directly at a work of British brilliance.

Fun fact: the epic painting scheme actually took nineteen years from start to finish, ending in 1726. However it was definitely worth it, even earning the artist a knighthood.

Thornhill used a variety of techniques such as trompe l’oeil (‘trick the eye’) and chiaroscuro (contrast of light and dark) to enliven his paintings. His use of illusionistic architecture and steep perspective was inspired by Italian baroque painting.

But seeing is more than reading, so in order to get the true experience go check out the tickets and secure yourself a day out exploring the beautiful encompassing landscape and an internal view into what makes The Painted Hall so grand.

Old Royal Naval College,
United Kingdom SE10 9NN

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