Thieves Wood

Thieves Wood

This beautiful forest just south of Mansfield is the ideal place to surround yourself with beautiful nature and learn all about England’s epic mythology.

A Robin Wood

You might know Nottingham as the stomping ground of Robin Hood, the famous thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

Well, Thieves Wood is said to have once been part of the King’s Great Way, a road that linked London to Nottingham and beyond. It was famous for the outlaws who are said to have prowled it, perhaps including Robin Hood.

The longer trail here will take you along the same path that Robin Hood himself would have walked while he searched for well-about folks to rob. Despite its name, thieves and highwaymen seem to have abandoned this forest since the days of Richard the Lionheart.

Yet you never know who might be lurking in the undergrowth, so if you consider yourself rich, be on the lookout for outlaws in the bushes!

Thrilling times in a magical forest

If all your adventuring has left you feeling peckish, bring along a packed lunch and have it at one of the picnic benches by the car park. Forgot to pack food? You’re in luck: there’s also a refreshment cabin here where you can grab some snacks.

Be sure to take the opportunity to re-energise, because having your lunch in this wild, tranquil wood is truly a marvellous experience.

Autumn adventures

There’s nothing quite like discovering Thieves Wood during autumn, surrounded by the beautiful fiery trees and leaves crunching beneath your walking boots.

But no matter the time of year, it's a spectacular place to come and admire gorgeous scenery and the epic stories it has to tell.

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