Tiverton Castle

Tiverton Castle

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A castle for all seasons in Tiverton, Devon

Standing proudly within the quaint old town of Tiverton is a grand castle that has seen war, royalty, and almost a millennium of history.

Tiverton Castle is an impressive building with an equally impressive past, and we promise there's something to interest everyone here.

The regal history of Tiverton Castle

This beautiful building has seen several owners through the ages, including some pretty famous names.

Princess Katherine Plantagenet, daughter of Edward IV, lived here with her husband, the Earl of Devon, who she married in 1495. She died in 1527, and was buried in St Peter’s Church just next door.

Originally built as a motte and bailey in 1106, the Castle has withstood the test of time. In its captivating architecture, you can still see remnants of the many different periods it has witnessed, including medieval Tudor and Victorian buildings, as well as improvements from the 17th to 19th-centuries.

Tiverton Castle's bloody history

Although it managed to stay out of conflict for most of its history, Tiverton Castle is also no stranger to war. During the English Civil War, Sir Thomas Fairfax's New Model Army managed to capture the Castle after a short siege ended in a lucky shot from one of the cannons hitting the outer drawbridge chain.

The Castle has a collection of armour from this time for you to see. You can even try it on - a great opportunity to take pictures and truly immerse yourself in the life of a 17th-century soldier.

A lovely garden

On the grounds of Tiverton Castle, there's also a beautiful walled garden which brings new life to the ruins outside.

The garden is home to fragrant flowers and ancient trees, including many colourful spring bulbs, climbing plants that snake up the old stones, and a pleasant orchard full of fruit trees. There is even a kitchen garden where delicious food is grown.

Sleeping and sightseeing

If you love the setting of Tiverton Castle, why not spend a few nights there? Apartments have been set up for holiday tenants in the main castle building, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you wake up here. Or you can stay in one of the two charming cottages in the grounds.

The town of Tiverton is also full of things to see. Tiverton was an important Market Town in the Middle Ages and was once even the centre of the wool industry.

Today, you can still see some medieval alms houses there and a couple of marvellous old churches. You can also go and see the award-winning Tiverton museum nearby, as well as the horse drawn canal barge and Knightshayes Court with its magnificent gardens.

There’s so much to see and do at Tiverton Castle, no matter if you’re visiting by yourself, as a couple, or with your family. Whether you want to learn about its rich history or you just want to enjoy a nice walk around its tranquil grounds, we’re sure you’ll have a great day out in here in Devon.

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Tiverton Castle,
Park Hill,
Devon EX16 6RP
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How to get here

Tiverton Castle is in the heart of the town Tiverton in Devon. 


Leave the M5 at Junction 27 and follow road for 7 miles on the A361 towards Tiverton to a roundabout where the Castle is signposted. Follow Tiverton Castle signs.

  • Toilets
  • Free parking
  • There aren't any food&drink spots in the attraction itself - but no need to panic, Tiverton Castle is surrounded by wonderful tearooms in town
  • There's a perfectly tiny shop selling castle souvenirs
  • Wheelchair access is limited to the garden and ground floor of the castle
  • Dogs aren't allowed at this attraction

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