Torchlight Mysteries

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Who doesn’t love a good old mystery? Torchlight Mysteries have produced the most intriguing and head-scratching puzzles, leaving you perplexed and mystified.

They’ve worked creatively to bring innovative mysteries to heritage locations in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, and London.

Unsolve advanced mysteries

Fancy being at the centre of your own investigation? Step into a whole new world, like the 1830s Body Snatchers mystery or the Dickensian Murder Mystery.

Involve yourself in immersive experiences from Agatha Christie plays in a Tudor Manor House to adaptions of Sherlock Holmes in Conan Doyle’s family home.

Take on the opportunity to delve into thought-provoking challenges that take place in stately homes to a classic whodunnit in a Norman castle. Can you piece together clues and information to unveil the secret plot hidden in each mystery?

Exciting escape rooms

If you’re good at working under timed conditions and okay with your team members yelling at each other, these escape rooms will be perfect for you.

As you go on, from variant themes and styles you’ll become familiar with finding and solving clues. The more games you play, the better you’ll be!

Unravel the twists and tricks of each puzzle with the helping hand of clues, hints, and strategy.

You’ll want to choose your team members wisely; a few leaders and followers should be the perfect mix for conquering these mind-boggling escape rooms and exit games.

This visit will be something you’ll be sure to remember for many years to come. Why not book again for another mystery to solve?

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The Brickworks Escape Room, Torchlight Mysteries

Book Brickworks Escape Room tickets! Have a great day in Hampshire in a family-friendly escape room, suitable for all ages & fun for the whole family!

Available to 18 January 2025
90 Pelham Road,
England PO31 7DN
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