Tours et Détours d'Edimbourg

Tours et Détours d'Edimbourg

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From France to Scotland 

With its spired building tops, cobbled streets and dramatic architecture – it’s no wonder the Scottish capital draws in people from all over the world.  

That was exactly the case with Karine Savage. Born in the small village of Vieil Baugé, located in the Pays de la Loire region of France, it wouldn’t be long until Karine made her way to Scotland and the country would capture her heart. 

With that love still firmly in place, she and the team at Tours et Détours d’Edimbourg invite you to join them on a guided tour around Edinburgh.  

What side of Edinburgh will you discover?

All the tours are exclusively held in French, combining the language of love with a city whose culture and history are simply spellbinding.  

Hop on the three-hour tour of the Old Town, where you’ll get to see for yourself why it’s been dedicated  a World Heritage Site. With castle walls to wander by, ‘closes’ and ‘wynds’ (old alleyways) to explore – it won’t be long till you’re falling just as in love with the city as Karine. 

The New Town tour takes you through an Edinburgh of 200 years ago, where the Georgian influence can be strongly seen in the architecture lining the streets.  

You don’t just have to pick one or the other, however. The Discover Edinburgh public tour combines both sections of the city. In just a matter of steps, you’re transported from one incredible period of Edinburgh’s past to the next.  

They also do the same tour for private groups, perfect if you’re looking for an adventure surrounded by people you know. 

Exploring with the family

In Edinburgh with the little ones? The Family Visit has been specifically curated for families with children aged up to 11. They’ll learn all about Scottish queens and knights who once roamed the lands, and legendary stories sure to leave them in awe of the country.  

Speaking of legendary stories, the world of witchcraft and wizardry we’ve all come to love began life in Edinburgh. On Harry Potter’s Edinburgh tour, you’ll get to learn all about the places around the city that inspired J.K. Rowling. 

Be sure to take a look at all the tours before heading out; from the Old Town to the New Town, whiskey to Harry Potter – there’s one sure to tempt you on an adventure around the Scottish Capital. 

Something further afield

If you’re looking to get outside of the city, check out the tours around the Isle of Skye, the Highlands and the North East. 

The wonders of Scotland are endless, meaning your first adventure is simply the beginning of many to come.    

Best get started then, ay? 

Edinburgh Discovery Public Tour (French-speaking)

The perfect introduction to the Scottish capital

Available to 1 September 2024

Harry Potter Guided Tour

Get ready to discover the origins of the magical world of Harry Potter

Available to 15 December 2024
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