Tregwehelydd Standing Stones

Tregwehelydd Standing Stones

Discover these magnificent Welsh gems

Feel the breeze of fresh country air and listen to the birds tweeting away as you explore Tregwehelydd Standing Stones. You’ll be amazed at how peaceful and calm it is here as you’re welcomed by the beautiful wildlife and gorgeous scenic views.

Perhaps you’d like to turn this trip into a walking experience? Pack your walking boots, park the car at Eglwys St Edern Church in Bodedern, and hike the 30 minutes through luscious green fields exploring nature at its finest to the standing stones in Tregwehelydd.

We’re sure you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach as you get closer and closer to this impressive symbol of history in Anglesey, North Wales.

What were standing stones used for?

The Tregwehelydd Standing Stones overlooking the picturesque Afon Alaw were thought to have been erected during the Bronze Age, potentially for ritual observance, but it’s not known for certain why they’re here.

You’ll see after centuries in this spot that the stones are now split into three segments, held together by iron belts and bolts.

Spend a few moments rolling out a picnic blanket and take in the breathtaking views across this remote sanctuary with a flask of steamy coffee.

A short drive for a spectacular lunch

Soaking in all the gripping history at Tregwehelydd Standing Stones will likely lead to some rumbling tummies. Now is a good time to wander back to the car through the gorgeous country scenery.

Just a six-minute drive away on nearby London Road Valley is the delightful Catch 22 Brasserie - a modern twist after exploring centuries worth of history. We recommend ordering their Welsh 10oz chargrilled steak as a hearty feast.

Maybe something lighter is more to your fancy? Take a bite out of the goat cheese croquettes and deep-fried calamari.

If you’re with your partner or a friend, why not share a bottle of Beatnik White Zinfandel Rosé or a Castillo Clavijo Rioja, or perhaps a large serving of their delicious hot chocolate is more to your liking?

Whether you’ve made the trip to Tregwehelydd Standing Stones solo or with friends, we think more visits here will become a new tradition. The country air and beautiful landscapes will keep you coming back for more historical tales.

Tyn Rhos,