Ghost Tour - Tudor World

Ghost Tour - Tudor World

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Get ready to be spooked as you explore the sinister side of Stratford-upon-Avon...

Ghost tours take place after the museum is closed and the lights switched off, navigating the building only by the lantern light.

Your ghastly guide will tell the many scary stories from the history of the haunted building. While they relay the terrible tales of the past, your mind is only left to wonder what ghostly inhabitants might be secretly accompanying you on your tour...

The building has often been described as the most haunted building in England. Terry Deary author of Horrible Histories dedicated his book to the building and Most Haunted filmed here! Are you brave enough to venture into the dark side of Tudor World?

These tours are not recommended for anyone below the age of 14, so if you're looking for less spooks but still want the stories, then check out the Museum and Shakespeare Walking Tours from Tudor World.

1 Shrieves Walk,
CV37 6GJ

How to find us

The museum is situated along Sheep Street in a big Tudor building. Go under the arch and along the cobbled stoned courtyard to find the entrance.

The build is a two-minute walk from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

By car

Leave the M40 at junction 15 and take the A46 to Stratford upon Avon following onto A439, around the one way system and left onto waterside and take first right onto Sheep Street.

For Sat Nav CV37 6EE.

By train

Stratford-upon-Avon Station is one mile away and is approximately a 15 minute walk.

The site is within walking distance of Stratford-Upon-Avon railway station, and there is a good park-and-ride service which has stops in Bridge Street and Wood Street.

People also ask:

How long is the Tudor World Ghost Tour?

  • The ghost tours are around an hour.

Is the Tudor World Ghost Tour suitable for children?

  • We do not advise children younger than 14 (accompanied by an adult) due to the spookiness of the building and adult themes. However, parents are welcome to take in younger children but most take responsibility for them.

Is the Tudor World Ghost Tour suitable for those of a nervous disposition?

  • The tour can be fun and scary but it is not a ghost tour full of jump scares and magic tricks, just a good old fashioned haunted building!

Does anyone jump out at you at the Tudor World Ghost Tour?

  • No, there are no jump scares on this ghost tour. From nobody living that is…

Is the Tudor World Ghost Tour suitable for wheelchair users?

  • Due to the nature of the building, the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users. However, if the user can manage stairs with assistance there are plenty of places on the tour to sit down.

Is the Tudor World Ghost Tour all in the dark?

  • The tour takes place in the dark by lantern light (held by the tour guide). There may be moments the lantern is turned off for demonstration.

Can I leave the Tudor World Ghost Tour if I get scared?

  • Yes, however this does mean the rest of the group are left alone in the dark while the tour guide escorts you out!

Can I get a refund if I become scared and leave the Tudor World Ghost Tour?

  • Once inside the building there are no refunds.

Will we see a ghost at the Tudor World Ghost Tour?

  • The ghost tour relates stories of ghost sightings, the history of the building and other interesting stories. The ghost tour, it is not a ghost hunt and ghosts and spirits are not asked to make their presence known. However, it is not unheard of for spirit activity to take place and can be unpredictable.

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