Victoria Park

Victoria Park

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Prepare to get soaked

Cardiff’s Victoria Park welcomes kids of all ages, making it the perfect spot for doses of family fun. 

As the little one's race into this paradise, they’ll be speechless after seeing the number of exciting features they can use. The Splashpad area includes sprays and jets that’ll blast out cooling water. With over 30 options, it’ll be impossible for your children to get bored.  

Cheer them on as they crawl like a soldier out of the winding tunnels. Make sure you film them as the ginormous tipping water bucket drenches them head to toe. Even if you don’t, that memory is sure to be unforgettable. 

The Splashpad area has options for toddlers, juniors, and families, which means everyone can join in.  

Bathe in the sun 

This is the perfect opportunity to lay on the fresh grass under the baking sun, as the little ones play in the park of their dreams. 

Take a wander down the paths paved with blooming flower borders. Smell the mixed combination of red roses and pink tulips linger in the cool breeze of the outdoors.  

Fun for adults 

Challenge your opponent head-to-head to a round or two of tennis. You’ll both be eager to win if the loser has to buy the ice cream!  

You’re more than welcome to bring a handful of your own outdoor games too. Break a sweat by bringing a football to kick around. 

Round your day off by making your way down to the cute little ice cream hut, where a welcoming member of staff will serve you. With so many flavours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  

The perfect ending to a beautiful day. 

27 Victoria Park Road East,
South Glamorgan,
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