Oxford: 3 City Walking Tours Pass - Vox City

Oxford: 3 City Walking Tours Pass - Vox City

VOX City

Available to 31 December 2022
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With its quaint cobblestone streets, picturesque building fronts, and fascinating history - Oxford is a city waiting to be explored

As soon as you step foot into the place, there’s no mistaking where it got its "City of Dreaming Spires" nickname from.

The architecture is simply astounding, leaving you gazing up wide-eyed and in awe down every street you wander.

But deciding where to go and what to see when you get to the city can be your biggest challenge. To Carfax Tower or the Bridge of Sighs first? Then where to next?

Whether you want to explore alone and are just looking for a little guidance, or you’re after a comprehensive deep-dive into one of Oxford’s most intriguing locations – Vox City Walks opens both possibilities.

Be led by an expert guide around Carfax Tower or take a trip around Radcliffe Square and discover some of the fascinating stories from the heart of the city.

This 3-day pass lets you take advantage of 3 amazing tours offered by Vox City Walks and lets you explore at your own pace, the 3 walking tours included are Town & Gown walking tour, Stepping Through Oxford walking tour and Historical Pubs in Oxford walking tour.

Exploring the city of Oxford solo

When you’re looking to take your adventure away from the hot spots of Oxford, plug in your earphones and discover its quieter locations.

Away from the crowds of the city centre, self-guided routes down Castle Mill Stream or along the River Thames and into Osney are some of the best ways to cherish your time in Oxford in the peace of your own company.

Even exploring by yourself, with the app downloaded, you’ll still get plenty of intriguing insights into parts of the city you never would’ve known otherwise. 

Plus, there’ll be a fair few helpful pointers along the way, guiding you to the perfect spots for some incredible photo opportunities.

The freedom to explore at your own pace

Oxford is a remarkable city, where history and the modern collide in one beautiful collaboration.

You’ll spot all your regular favourite shopfronts lining the impressive high street but then turn a corner and the city’s character emerges.

The ability to hop-on and hop-off at your own leisure means you get to explore at your own pace.

See a street that compels you to wander from your guide for a moment? Go for it.

Then when you’re done, all you have to do is look for the next guide coming by, and you can start where you left off.

If you’ve never been to Oxford before, whether you’re in town for a few hours or you’ve got a whole weekend ahead of you – having a decent idea of where to go and what to do means a moment won’t go by that’s wasted.

How a Vox City walking tour works

Hop-off your guided tour and self-guide whenever you wish; enjoying multilingual audio commentary, suggested walking itineraries, pinpointing your favourite sights and discovering photo hotspots, all offline, day or night - it couldn't be easier.

The Walking Tour Pass is valid for 3 days, offering you total flexibility and the chance to see and learn about the beautiful city of Oxford at your own pace.  


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