Private Inverness City Walking Tour

Private Inverness City Walking Tour

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Available to 31 December 2024
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With historic buildings and even a monster, there’s all sorts of things to discover and stories to learn here, and you can have a charming local guide from Walking Tours in Scotland guide you around and tell you all about it.

Inviting Inverness

On your hour and a half long tour, you’ll see some of Inverness’ most iconic buildings and most popular spots.

You’ll go right along the River Ness, so keep your eyes peeled for Nessie the Loch Ness monster! She’s been spotted before rising out of the water for a look around.

Overlooking the river, you’ll see magnificent Inverness Castle, and learn all about it. This gorgeous red fortress has an iconic design - yet while it may look inviting, it was actually first built in the nineteenth century to serve as a courthouse and a prison!

Sitting on the riverbank, you’ll also see another lovely (and red!) nineteenth-century building. The most northernly Anglican cathedral in Britain, Inverness Cathedral is sure to also leave a lasting impression.

A hub of history

As you explore all of these amazing places, you’ll hear about the people and events that shaped them.

While it began life as a “royal city”, this place ironically became central to the Jacobite uprising in the 18th century, and saw more than enough war and bloodshed during this period.

We know you’ll be captivated by this tour, and that the sights you see here will stick with you for a long time to come.

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