Private St. Andrews Town Tour

Private St. Andrews Town Tour

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Available to 22 December 2024
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There’s so much rich history and so many things to discover in St Andrews, which is why it’s such a popular place to visit.

But what prompted your trip? Was it to go golfing, or to study at the university? Maybe you’re here to learn about the ancient historic buildings, or just admire the beautiful seashore?

Many things might be drawing you in for a visit to St Andrews, but don’t be overwhelmed by all the things to explore: thanks to the help of a local guide from Walking Tours in Scotland, figuring out what this lovely town has to offer is so much easier than ever before.

An ancient seaside town

Your hour and a half long tour of St Andrews will begin at the Martyr’s Memorial - a stunning landmark which overlooks the sea. From there, your charming guide will lead you all across town.

You’ll see the beautiful ruins of St Andrews Castle, famous for its dismal dungeon where many insidious criminals were locked up through the ages. As well as St Andrews Cathedral, which was the headquarters of the church in medieval Scotland.

You’ll also discover some of the most famous places in Scotland: the Old Course, which is the oldest golf course in the entire world, and St Andrews University, the world’s third oldest university that has even been attended by royalty.

The stories of St Andrews

As you pass all these amazing places, you’ll hear all sorts of stories about them that’ll really bring the town to life.

You’ll also be told about the locals of this town, both past, and present, who have made it what it is today.

From animals to royals and golf stars to witches, we promise that hearing about all these characters will make this place even more memorable!

Ancient and picturesque, St Andrews has been such an important place in Scotland’s history. To fully appreciate why, make sure you take this fantastic tour around the town and learn all about it!

Martyrs Memorial,
The Scores,
St Andrews KY16 9AT
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