Wellington Country Park

Wellington Country Park

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So much to do at Welly 

Get your little adventurers suited and booted for one of the greatest explorations they’ve yet to discover.  

To kick the day off, take a five-minute loop on Arthur, the miniature railway! If you didn’t already know, Arthur is named after the son of the Duke of Wellington.  

Let the kids play in the Snakes and Ladders area. Watch as they climb the ladders, before gliding down one of the super-fast slides, with their little arms waving in the air. 

Grab a bite

Whether it’s handy snacks to add to your picnic or a hot meal on a winter’s day, this country park has it all! 

Stop at the Lakeside Café and enjoy a hot pasty and a cuppa, while overlooking the picturesque view of the still blue lake. 

With the sun beaming and the kids playing in the Splash Zone, treat them to a cooling ice cream from the nearby kiosk.  

Who doesn’t love a good old nature trail? 

There are four amazing trails to choose from. Walk with a pep in your step, as you arrive to take the Small Woodland trail.  

As you roam inhale the scent of summer and spring, intertwined with the fresh breeze of the air.  

Watch the fluttering wings of butterflies, as they pass by gracefully, and keep an eye out for the red admirals - such stunners. 

Delve into other trails like the lovely Lake Trail, the awesome Antler Trail, and the wonderful Woodland trail. 

Give the little ones an amazing surprise by visiting once again. After your first visit, you’ll already know that it’s an unforgettable experience. So go on, relive those special moments, creating many more cherishable memories. 

Wellington Country Park,
Odiham Road,
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Free Parking, Toilets, Cafe