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England v Australia - Football Tickets On sale

Available to 13 October 2023
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Watch England v Australia live at Wembley Stadium in an international friendly football match

Club Wembley tickets provide you with seating (Middle-tier East/West Stand) and Club Wembley Concourse access, including bars and restaurants. We have some of the strongest relationships with official club agents and offer the best service!

Join Club Wembley for England v Australia to get the ultimate football VIP experience

There are 2 types of Club Wembley tickets on offer:

1. Club Wembley Ticket 

Admissions to Club Wembley provides you with Club Wembley seating (Middle-tier East/West Stand), a complimentary match programme, access to hospitality bars and restaurants, and a £10 Uber voucher

2. Club Wembley Hospitality Ticket

Admissions to Club Wembley Hospitality provides you with Club Wembley seating (Middle-tier East Stand), a complimentary match programme, access to hospitality bars and restaurants, a prosecco reception, a three-course a la carte meal, complimentary beer, wine, and soft drinks, plus full-time snacks. You can access the ARC Restaurant two hours pre match and one hour post match.
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People also ask :

The England vs Australia football match held at Wembley Stadium is an important fixture that showcases the talents of both nations' national teams. Wembley Stadium, located in London, is known for its rich history and iconic status in English football. The match between England and Australia at Wembley brings together passionate fans and creates an electric atmosphere.

These matches provide an opportunity for players from both teams to showcase their skills and compete against strong opponents. The encounters often serve as preparation for major tournaments or qualifiers, allowing the teams to fine-tune their strategies and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Matches between England and Australia at Wembley have seen memorable moments, thrilling performances, and intense competition. The history and significance of Wembley Stadium add to the allure of these fixtures, with players aspiring to leave their mark on the iconic venue.

Fans from both nations eagerly await these matches, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement, national pride, and anticipation. The encounters between England and Australia at Wembley serve as a platform for players to represent their countries and for fans to celebrate the sport they love.

Overall, the England vs Australia football matches at Wembley Stadium hold great significance, providing a stage for players to shine and creating unforgettable moments for fans and football enthusiasts.

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