Wetheral Priory Gatehouse

Wetheral Priory Gatehouse

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Straight into the past

Let’s paint the picture for you first - of Wetheral Priory 800 years ago in a world that was very different to the one we live in today.

In the midst of the green hills of Cumbria, with the sound of the River Eden rushing off into the distance, the priory’s redbrick buildings would’ve stood dramatically impressive against the countryside.

Then under the arching gateway and into the outer court, you would’ve been met by the smells of ale drifting from the brewhouse – and freshly baked bread wafting over you from the bakehouse.

Back to the present

After watching centuries go by, the gatehouse somehow still remains; a timeless relic of a world long ago.

You might not have the wafting aromas of bread and beer accompanying you anymore, but the incredibly well-preserved gatehouse and fascinating history of the building is enough to leave any adventurer intrigued.

It stretches into the sky, red bricks broken only by the small, gaping openings of dark windows.

The history of Wetheral awaits

It’s quite unbelievable how much fascinating evidence of the past remains in and around Wetheral, so be sure to spare a whole day for your trip to the area.

Why not first visit Wetheral Viaduct and gaze at the dramatic arches cascading over the land? Then make your way south along the river’s edge until you arrive at the gatehouse.

Wander inside and up the spiralling staircase to the building’s upper floor, keeping an eye out for ancient mason marks etched into the stone along the way.

Listen closely enough and you might just hear the lingering echoes of tools clanging away and the wandering footsteps of guards checking through windows for travellers making their way up the road.

Cake, anyone?

Head further south still and you’ll soon come across the Wetheral Caves.

Take a torch and discover the carvings throughout the manmade cave system before stopping by the riverbank to see who can skip their stone the furthest.

Soon, the time must come to leave for home, but it’d be silly to leave on an empty stomach, right?

Stop by The Wheatsheaf Inn for some proper pub grub or make your way to The Postal Pot for a decadent slice of cake and cup of tea to wash it down with.

Adventuring can be hungry work after all.

So, what do you reckon? About time to head out on a Cumbrian adventure?

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