Wharncliffe Woods

Wharncliffe Woods

The steep terrain of the peaceful Wharncliffe Woods means you can enjoy a more challenging walk, or an adrenaline-filled mountain bike session right in the heart of Sheffield.

A walk through the forest provides the ideal place for you to escape and unwind as you connect with nature, admire the streams, and be surrounded by beautiful scenery.

You’ll realise how magical it is as soon as you step inside, the silence only broken by the branches snapping underneath your shoes and the birds singing in the trees above you, welcoming you to their home.

Discover the woods on horseback

If you’ve got a permit, you can enjoy discovering the woodland on horseback too.

See the sights from a whole new perspective as you both explore. With plenty of signs to follow, we're sure you'll have an easy and pleasant journey.

All members of the family are welcome

Your pooch will be equally glad you chose Wharncliffe Woods for today's adventure.

They’ll love bounding through the bushes, making friends with the wildlife, and finding new scents to explore as they wag their tails with delight.

Up for a challenge?

Prefer seeing the world on two wheels? Grab your mountain bike and helmet and feel the rush of adrenaline as you ride down the slopes, feeling the breeze on your face as you navigate your way through the forest.

It isn’t waymarked, so you'll be able to discover your own adventure. We'd recommend only experienced mountain bikers ride here as the terrain can be quite tricky for newbies.

Enjoy lunch with a view

Before your visit, be sure to prepare a scrumptious picnic filled with your favourite sandwiches and cakes.

While you're walking, keep your eyes peeled for the perfect spot to sit down to tuck into your treats and chat about your discoveries so far.

We’re sure the conversation will soon turn to planning your next trip here, which we’re sure won’t be too far in the future.

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