Wharram Percy Deserted Medieval Village

Wharram Percy Deserted Medieval Village

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Sat in the peace of the countryside

Up in the Yorkshire Wolds, where the land seems to stretch all the way to the edge of the world, the ancient village sits peacefully on the rising hillside of a valley.

The Church of St Martin is bound to steal your attention first.

It rises out of the earth like a lone flower in a freshly cut meadow of grass, watching over the whole landscape.

Sitting under an open sky, it’s remarkable how intact the building still is. Empty archways stand invitingly at the end of grass pathways, drawing you in to explore further.

Pause for a moment

With a millpond reflecting the sky nearby and the quiet stillness radiating from the ancient stones, there’s something uniquely captivating about the entire area that’s almost indescribable.

It’s a kind of nostalgia for a time long ago. The place compels you to think way back, to our ancient ancestors and the lives they led.

Step inside

It’s crazy to think people living centuries ago walked in the very spot you’re walking in now.

The church lost its roof at some point during its long life; daylight now filters in from above and through arching stone window frames – filling every inch of the building in light and shadow.

You may have noticed on the way to the church the ground surrounding it was slightly odd. Bits of earth rise here and there in a way that’s far too formulaic if it was left up to nature alone.

A curious familiarity

Welcome to the last remnants of the 40 or so houses of farmers and less wealthy folk who called the village their home.

Walk over the grass-covered mounds and picture what life would’ve been like all those centuries ago. 

In some ways, it was probably very different. But in others, it was undoubtedly the same.

Siblings would’ve squabbled over nothing in particular – making up just moments later like nothing had ever happened. Dinners would’ve been eaten where days were talked about and what tomorrow held.


You’re drawn on an adventure to Wharram Percy for the simple curiosity of the past.

But wandering around the ancient village, it soon becomes clear a blanket of peace has settled over the entire area. 

It’s the best of both worlds really.

Station Road,
North Yorkshire,

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