Wheeldale Roman Road

Wheeldale Roman Road

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To stroll around a place where history exudes from every ancient stone is fascinating, but when you tie that same history into stories of dragons and griffins, it all becomes even more intriguing.

Beginning with legend

On your visit to Wheeldale Roman Road, unfortunately we can’t promise said dragons and griffins, but how about a giant here or there? Because that we certainly can do.

Running through the Yorkshire moorland, the road once stretched from Amotherby in the south towards the coast of Whitby in the north.

Legend has it the road linked Mulgrave Castle – home of the giant Wade – to Pickering Castle where his wife Bel lived.

That’s where the road’s second name, Wade’s Causeway, comes from.

Imagine a giant just strolling past, casually whistling away while his size 50 shoes rumble the earth like mini earthquakes.

Run, run, as fast as you can… Just kidding. We’re sure Wade is like the BFG of Yorkshire.

A mysterious history

There’s a lot of speculation about who built the road and its purpose.

Most likely, it was the Romans. When they came to town, they needed a fast way of getting from one military complex to the other.

But it perhaps dates back before the Romans, to the Bronze Age or Neolithic period, and may even be the remains of an ancient boundary.

Walking the road today

It’s only around a mile long now, perfect for a short morning or afternoon stroll.

Bring along a friend or head out on a solo adventure and discover the peacefulness that comes with stepping back from the busy modern world and getting back to nature.

The land gently rolls away, with occasional groves of trees emerging out of the earth.

The terrain can be boggy and uneven underfoot so whip out your comfiest, waterproof shoes before you start your adventure.

Exploring further afield

When the road comes to an end, but you feel like the adventure has only just begun, why not head to Whitby Abbey and discover its spooky yet mesmerising remains?

It was all the inspiration Bram Stoker needed to conjure up the idea of Dracula.

And while you’re in town, what better way to end an adventure than coffee and cake?

Take a seat in Sherlocks Coffee House for a well-deserved rest before making your way home.

The Yorkshire Moors offer history, legends, and a natural beauty that defies time.

You begin by walking in the footsteps of giants, and by the afternoon you’re roaming picturesque towns and medieval ruins.

That sounds like one adventure we could all do with.

Wheeldale Moor,
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