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At the southern end of the border between England and Wales, just outside Chepstow, the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) blankets the whole countryside in a majestic natural beauty.

And snuggled away under those big old trees and making itself home along the River Wye’s shores, the woodland of Whitestone sits, its pathways waiting to be explored.

Discover the sublime

It’s not every day you get the chance to walk in the footsteps of poets like William Wordsworth, but along the trails of Whitestone, you’ll be doing just that.

The woodland has been attracting those who seek the natural magnificence of the world for centuries, drawing in those curious souls looking for the spectacular.

Time to move those feet

Along the two trails meandering their way throughout the woodland, every step of your adventure is filled with a landscape set to inspire.   

The Wonders of the Whitestone walk encompasses three dramatic highlights of the area, with benches along the way for you to take a seat and spend a moment simply awe-struck by the views stretching away from you.

Hills cascade off into the distance, a frenzy of deep and light greens running away into the horizon.

Through it all, the rushing waters of the River Wye are never far away, carving their way through the deep gorge like a droplet of water running down a windowpane.

The first part of the Duchess Ride Viewpoint Trail follows the same route but continues on for a little longer – perfect if you’re looking to extend your adventure.

Time to recharge

Both walks are graded as easy, so whether you’re an experienced hiker or just out for a Sunday afternoon stroll, the beauty of Whitestone is open to all.

After a trip to Whitestone, somehow everything feels clearer. Your breath feels deeper and clear; your body revitalised and your mind at ease.

Come back whenever the world gets too loud. Every time, the woods strip all that away – reminding us all simply how beautiful the world around us can be.

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