Swan Uppers Picnic Cruise

Swan Uppers Picnic Cruise

Windsor Maidenhead Boat Company

Available to 17 January 2022
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Swan upping is a yearly tradition on the Thames. The Georgian has been the lead vessel taking The Dyers company on board for the last few years.

We thought it may be nice to dedicate a cruise to the traditions and events that happen on the Thames. This is naturally commentary based and you won’t actually see or take part in any of the traditions or swan upping, however, we do hope you learn something about the Thames.

The Dyers staff usually bring along a picnic to enjoy, as they chase the swans up the river. We'll cruise along listening to the live commentary by our skipper. This menu is served to the table and is to be shared in groups of four followed by a cup of tea or coffee. 

Windsor And Maidenhead Boat Company,
Weir Bank,

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